Give To Lincoln Day
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Give to Lincoln is an important event for all nonprofits, but sometimes it’s hard to get the attention of potential donors. The key is creating and executing a promotional campaign that tells your best story and gets in front of the right people. Let’s sit down and figure out how to do that for your organization!

The first 10 organizations to sign up get our “Give To Lincoln Day” Planning Session for only $1!

Tell Us About You

Tell Us About You

  • Your Best Stories and Mission
  • Your Exisiting Donor Base
  • Past Campaign Experiences
  • Current Communication Channels
  • Provide Examples of Your Materials
Marketing Strategy

Create An Action Plan

  • How to Hone Your Story
  • Identify Target Audience(s)
  • Select Promotional Channels
  • Discuss Messaging Tactics
  • Coaching for Material Design Upgrade
Graphic Design

Optional Design Review

  • Brand Consistency
  • Graphic Design Principles
  • Contemporary Typography
  • Image Editing and Use
  • Content Tone

Why are we doing this?

We want you to succeed.

Filament Essential Services is deeply passionate about supporting local nonprofits. Simply put, we want to help you have the best Give To Lincoln Day in your history because you are building a brighter future.  Every contribution received helps to amplify the positive impact you have on the lives of your fellow community members, fostering a stronger, more resilient and thriving Lincoln for all to enjoy.

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