Filament Essential Services is proud to announce a new multi-project marketing services agreement with Cause Collective has been approved. Filament was selected by Cause Collective to create a series of videos and a pair marketing campaigns aimed at enhancing board of directors recruitment and supporting individuals interested in founding nonprofits.

Landis and Varga

Matthew Landis and Jason Varga

Matthew Landis, Director of Branding and Video at Filament, expressed his enthusiasm about the new agreement, “Cause Collective is a cornerstone of the Lincoln nonprofit community. Our partnership is a natural fit, and we are eager to do everything we can to augment the great impact they already provide.”

These efforts are generously supported by the Sherwood Foundation, which has provided the funding for the execution of these innovative marketing services.

“We’re incredibly thankful for the support from the Sherwood Foundation, which makes these important initiatives possible,” said Jason Varga, Executive Director at Cause Collective. “Filament’s reputation for creativity and effectiveness in marketing gives us great confidence that together we will achieve impactful results for the current and future nonprofits in the community.”

Both organizations, with a robust partnership history, are nonprofits committed to helping other nonprofits thrive. Filament is a current member and longstanding supporter of Cause Collective, sponsoring numerous events and training programs reinforce their shared vision.