Rapid Entry Web App

Ready to get back to work? Filament’s Rapid Entry application is here to help you confidently navigate the months ahead and safely return your people to the workplace. The primary focus is keeping your workforce strong, safe, healthy and engaged. As organizations reopen, one of the most effective ways to prevent and reduce the risk of COVID-19 is to proactively protect and monitor your employees’ health and well-being. By combining your workforce data with an online employee-screening questionnaire, Rapid Entry provides access to secure, real-time information identifying those who are ready to return to work.

The experience is simple! The daily questionnaire guides employees in assessing their physical health before going to work each day. Employees log in to access the Rapid Entry application and use a unique four-digit code to complete the questionnaire. The brief survey addresses new or worsening symptoms, recent exposure, test results and temperature checks from an at-home device. Once the responses are submitted, employees are instantly notified if they are ready to report to work or need to stay at home. The language and steps on this screen are completely customizable to fit both your company policies and needs.

The administrative database allows designated leadership or Human Resources professionals to access data in real-time, ensuring you have the latest information on each individual employee. The portal is secure, confidential and provides a quick summary on the work status of your organization. When the employee arrives at the workplace, data is viewed using only the employee’s unique four-digit code and may be filtered by subgroups helping you to manage the information more efficiently. A separate CSV file is the only place where the employee’s name and unique four-digit code are connected, restricting access and preventing release of any confidential information.

As you return to work, our goal is to help you reopen your workplace both safely and securely. Filament’s Rapid Entry application offers a simple, clear solution and is an essential first step in protecting your employees, your customers and your business.

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