Design Basics for CC

The Design Basics Training+Workshop through Cause Collective was successfully held in July 2020 with 100% registered in attendance. Matthew Landis, Director of Corporate Communications at Filament  delivered his engaging and knowledgeable online session helping staff of nonprofit organizations discover the basic building blocks for strong, clean design while seeking to satisfy one’s goal of improving their design skills.

The training included both instruction and an interactive workshop where various organizations shared their designs, brainstormed together and watched their ideas come to life and be taken to the next level in real-time. Participants left the workshop with a newfound confidence and design inspiration to help their organization communicate a larger message.

“The Design Basics Training+Workshop was so helpful to hear the instruction then watch you work pieces in real time. I hope Cause Collective is able to host another one of these trainings because the information is so invaluable!” – Jana Dietsch, Operations Manager, Community Services Fund of Nebraska

Whether you have worked as a professional designer or have never created a graphic design before, the Design Basics Training+Workshop can help you achieve all of your design goals. Think of it as your one-stop destination for the latest inspiration on design. If you missed the Design Basics Workshop in July, make sure to check back soon for details on registering for the next available session. (Or, better yet, contact Cause Collective and demand they re-offer the workshop!)