In the first collaboration between Filament Essential Services, formerly Foundation for Educational Services, and Cause Collective, Director of Corporate Communications, Matthew Landis conducted a Social Media + Video Training session called “The Peanut Butter and Chocolate of Online Marketing.” The training session walked through developing a social media campaign, how businesses and nonprofits can beat the new Facebook algorithm, protips for shooting video with your phone and video best practices.

Whether you consider yourself a social media pro or have been sitting on the sidelines – we are here to help! Filament offers practical advice, the “nuts and bolts” and shortcuts to using social media well. One of the tricks of social media is learning how to interject yourself into the conversation and figuring out the specific purpose for each media channel. The impact of sharing your message by video is also fundamental in capturing your target audience and increasing engagement.

Matthew has often stated that this is where he lives and what he loves. He is always looking to provide great social media and video content for nonprofit organizations keeping the goal in mind of making their lives easier. “I love doing branding and video but I love doing it for nonprofits that are changing the world,” he stated.

If you missed the Social Media + Video Training session, make sure to reach out to Filament Essential Services or Cause Collective for information on viewing this webinar.

Don’t forget to check back in the fall for additional trainings and resources available online.