As a proud sponsor of Lincoln’s Welcoming Week 2023, Filament Essential Services is also collaborating with the New Americans Task Force to produce a captivating video that captures the essence of the events taking place. From September 8th through 17th, and beyond, Lincoln’s Welcoming Week will showcase an array of events, including food tastings, music performances, story-sharing sessions and art exhibitions, all of which underline the invaluable contributions of diverse communities that call Lincoln home.

Welcoming Week 2023

There’s something for everyone at Welcoming Week!

This is Filament’s first partnership with the New Americans Task Force (NATF), an organization dedicated to promoting the integration and well-being of immigrants and refugees in Lincoln. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, NATF has been instrumental in fostering a welcoming environment that recognizes the unique contributions of New Americans. Lincoln’s Welcoming Week, orchestrated by NATF, stands as a testament to its commitment, showcasing the cultural diversity that thrives within the city’s borders.

“We’re grateful for Filament’s partnership for Welcoming Week 2023. We appreciate their expertise in nonprofit communications,” Lisa Guill, Cultural Centers of Lincoln and New Americans Task Force said. “We look forward to capturing on video the joy and excitement that Welcoming Week brings to Lincoln!”

Filament Essential Services, is dedicated to community development and empowerment by supporting local nonprofits. Not only does Filament provide at-cost business services including financial, marketing, security, and tech support, but is also active in the community by providing sponsorships, training sessions, and other resources to help nonprofits with day-to-day challenges.

C. J. Thoma, Filament President and CEO said, “We are passionate about supporting nonprofits. Welcoming Week’s dedication to immigrants and New Americans echoes our belief in uplifting all members in our communities for a better tomorrow.”

Starting September 8th, Welcoming Week 2023 promises an engaging array of events designed to honor the myriad cultures that enrich Lincoln’s identity. Learn more about the schedule of events on the Welcoming Week website and Facebook page. Then join us in celebrating the vibrant multiculturalism of the Lincoln community.

For more information about participating in Welcoming Week, Lincoln Unites, or Lincoln’s Welcoming Plan, please contact:

Lisa Guill
Welcoming Communities Coordinator
Cultural Centers of Lincoln