Fielding Dreams Project: A Vision for Lincoln’s Championship Soccer Facility

In a landmark move to bolster community sports and provide state-of-the-art soccer facilities for young aspirants, the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools (FLPS) has initiated the Fielding Dreams project. This effort, a collaboration between FLPS and the American Outlaws, aims to establish Lincoln’s very first public championship soccer facility.

The Magnitude of the Vision

Fielding Dreams

Artist Rendering of New Facility

More than just a soccer field, the Fielding Dreams project is an ode to the spirit of Lincoln’s sports community. The proposed facility is set to be a comprehensive sports hub, boasting six cutting-edge practice fields and a turfed field. To enhance the matchday experience, the facility will be decked out with lights, grandstands and scoreboards.

This project is about accessibility and inclusion. It seeks to ensure that students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have the opportunity to discover, learn and love soccer on fields that are both safe and of the highest quality.

A Personal Connection and Community Collaboration

Matthew Landis, Director of Branding and Video for Filament Essential Services, collaborated with FLPS to produce the fundraising video created to for the project. Landis, also a member of the Lincoln Northeast Athletic Hall of Fame and University of Tulsa soccer alum, emphasized the project’s importance recalling his own experiences: “Growing up, many of us played on surfaces where our primary worry was avoiding injury, not mastering the game. Fielding Dreams is our chance to provide all kids, irrespective of their financial backgrounds, with fields that rival the best club facilities.”

The project also draws strength from local stalwarts passionate about soccer’s growth in Lincoln. Among them are Justin Brunken, Co-Founder of the American Outlaws; Paige Nielsen of Angel City FC; high school soccer coaches Thomas Nettleton and José Hidalgo; and Hannah Davis, a soccer alumna from both Lincoln Southwest and the University of Nebraska.

FLPS President, Wendy Van, underscored the project’s significance, stating, “Fielding Dreams is a testament to what we envision for Lincoln’s sporting future. We’re not just building fields; we’re laying the groundwork for dreams, aspirations and a lifelong love for soccer.”

Joining Hands for the Dream

While the vision is grand and the determination unwavering, the realization of Fielding Dreams depends on collective effort. The project seeks the public’s support, both in spirit and financially.

To contribute or learn more about this transformative initiative for Lincoln’s sporting landscape, visit Together, let’s play a part in fielding Lincoln’s soccer dreams!