Filament SOCIAL Program

Filament Essential Services is dedicated to giving back to the community through our SOCIAL (Supporting Our Communities’ Initiatives At Large) program. Through SOCIAL, Filament employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and unique skills to benefit eligible organizations. SOCIAL also sponsors a variety of charitable opportunities, including company-organized charity events, financial donations, non-monetary donations and other gifts.

Kyle Mendek & Jolie VegaBecause of his participation in SOCIAL, Kyle Mendek was selected to choose the recipient of our $500 annual donation to a local nonprofit. Kyle selected No Footprint Too Small. “NFTS hits close to home for me. I know families who have lost their babies and that is an immeasurably painful experience. I also know that there are additional losses and a general lack of support for those families during such a dark time. Most people don’t know what to do or say when someone loses a baby…it’s just so unnatural. For a non-profit, or anyone really, to be able to step into that darkness and be a light for those families…there’s just something special about someone who can do that. I’m honored to be able to choose No Footprint Too Small for this SOCIAL donation to help them help grieving families.”

No Footprint Too Small provides comprehensive perinatal support to mothers, fathers and families who are affected by pregnancy or infant loss. Their programs and services include:

  • Birth and bereavement doula support
  • Spectra breast pump rental and consultation with a Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Guidance on funeral arrangements as well as financial assistance for burial and funeral arrangements
  • Ongoing bereavement support
  • Care packages
  • Weighted memory bears
  • Other applicable resources including: local counselors and support groups, reading material, Facebook pages and websites, etc.
  • Custom swaddles
  • Translation services