The Western Ohio Computer Organization (WOCO) has selected Filament Essential Services of Lincoln, Nebraska to conduct a Cyber Security Framework Assessment for one of their member School Districts. This collaboration aims to help WOCO’s District improve its cybersecurity measures.

WOCO is a nonprofit organization that offers computer and technology services to members in Western Ohio. In view of growing cyber threats in the industry, the organization has decided recommend a comprehensive cyber security assessment to secure data and systems within its Member District.

Filament Essential Services, with its wealth of experience in cybersecurity, will carry out the assessment. This will involve a thorough evaluation of WOCO’s policies, processes and systems to identify potential security vulnerabilities.

Based on the results of the assessment, Filament will create a tailored cybersecurity plan for WOCO. This plan will feature suggestions for improving security, as well as plans for responding to and recovering from a cyberattack.

“We are proud to be working with WOCO and providing this essential service,” said Art Provost, Vice President, Security Services & Sr. Information Security Officer for Filament. “Information security is a crucial concern for organizations of all sizes, and we are dedicated to assisting our clients in staying ahead of potential security threats.”

The partnership between Filament Essential Services and the Western Ohio Computer Organization represents a significant advancement for WOCO’s members, equipping their organizations with the tools and resources they require to enhance their cybersecurity and better protect their systems and data.