Kyle Mendyk

Database Administrator
Started: April 23, 2019

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?
I enjoy helping people. At FES I get to help my fellow co-workers build amazing software and that software helps FES serve other nonprofits (who exist to help people). I especially enjoy working on products for NSLP as that allows schools to provide a way for students to reach their higher education goals. It’s extremely rewarding work!

Kyle and FamilyWhat do you like most about your job?
It’s a toss-up between camaraderie and development. I get to work on very complicated software with ever changing technologies so it’s exciting and fun learning something new. However, it can also be quite frustrating when something isn’t working. That’s where the camaraderie comes in. My co-workers are so eager to help research, troubleshoot and listen until a solution can be found. Solving tough problems is satisfying, but solving them with friends at work is fun!

What was your childhood dream job?
The only job I ever remember wanting was to be a generous thief. Okay, maybe not the thief part, but I wanted to be Robin Hood. I was really taken with that character’s heroic and generous nature. He provided resources and protection for those who were being taken advantage of. I like to think that my work here at FES fulfills that dream – not that it helps with any archery skills, which I do not currently possess.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I really enjoy playing volleyball – preferably in sand. Ultimate Frisbee is fun too! I don’t find myself participating in those on a regular basis though, so I’m not sure I’d consider them hobbies per se. What I do get to do daily is play with trains, build Legos, read children’s books and take walks. My family life is my hobby right now and it’s the best hobby.