We had a WILD time!

Filament employees recently put on their game faces for an organization-wide scavenger hunt teambuilding competition that tested their problem-solving, creativity and teamwork skills. The event was held over a two-week period where teams completed daily tasks, deciphered cryptic clues to earn clues that would lead them to the Keeper of the Key.

The teams were compiled of employees from different departments to encourage teamwork and combine varying perspectives for tackling tasks. Some of the challenges included solving riddles, trivia knowledge and taking photos with certain landmarks or signage.

“The scavenger hunt was a great opportunity for our employees to bond and work together in a fun and engaging way,” said the event organizer, Dan Delzell. “It was amazing to see everyone’s creativity and problem-solving skills on display.”

The competition was fierce, but ultimately, Team A Street emerged as the winner, earning bragging rights and the key to unlock the coveted Treasure Chest. The winners were announced at a company luncheon where they broke open the Treasure Chest to find prizes of gift cards, t-shirts, wine, insulated drink containers and candy.

“I had a great time participating in the scavenger hunt,” said Filament employee, Rachelle Weakly. “It was fun to work together with co-workers on the daily tasks that ultimately led us to the grand prize.”

The scavenger hunt was a team-building activity that Filament introduced to its employees to promote collaboration and teamwork.