Branding for Nonprofits
Discover the crucial role and effect of marketing materials that accurately reflect your nonprofit’s current story. These articles give insight to the function of marketing materials, the reasons for updating them and the significance of maintaining consistency.

7 Essential Tips for Building a Strong Nonprofit Brand

What is branding? Why is it important for nonprofits? How do I do it? This article tackles these questions and more.

The Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector

Your nonprofit’s brand applies to more than your fundraising. It can help you create greater social impact and tighter organizational cohesion.

Why Promotional Materials Matter

Whether you’re a business or nonprofit, high-quality materials that accurately reflect your story will help you engage your target audience and credibility.

3 Reasons Why Brand Consistency is So Important

Brand consistency is just as important for nonprofits as it is for businesses. Generating trust, awareness and authority/credibility will help you appeal to donors, potential staff and those you serve.

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