Best of the Web: IT - Sept 2020
Find the software solutions you need all in one location, give thought to the process of technology replacement and learn to create an effective, sustainable technology plan for your organization with these insightful Management Information/Technology articles. Makes Finding Software Solutions Easy

When searching for software solutions to help assist a project, you usually head to the web to search “best software for [whatever]” and hit return. Then you get bombarded with an overwhelming plethora of information and solutions. What if you could find that perfect, and not to mention convenient, site all in one location. This article introduces, the go-to site for all of your business software needs. You’ll walk through a search, filter results and do side-by-side comparisons to find particular products. Details are provided for each platform including key features, software application, size of customer database and pricing. Get ready to search at ease and find all the best software solutions for your organization.

Rethinking the Technology Lifecycle Replacement Process

Managing technology is a necessary part of any organization’s operations. Learning how to optimize your tech lifecycle will not only increase functionality and longevity but also help you keep a handle on the overall cost of your investments. This article examines the replacement process from how to make smart decisions and thoughtfully prepare to determine the best solutions for your technology purchases. Protips include the benefits of comparing price and packages, the ideal time to buy in order to secure a deal and when to cycle out your old equipment. As an added bonus, the author lists a few of her favorite vendors for purchasing technology for your nonprofit organization. Click below to get started on developing your technology lifecycle replacement plan.

4 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Technology Plan

When you look at today’s most innovative nonprofit organizations, about 65% have a process in place for prioritizing, addressing and fulfilling their technology needs. It all begins with developing an effective technology plan. This article shares four key questions your organization should be asking when creating a thorough, straightforward and adaptable plan. Here are a few things to keep in mind: the make-up of your technology planning team, addressing SMART goals, determining IT champions and evaluating the current resources vs. future need. In addition, these key components can assist in the development of an annual budget for your technology-related expenses. Make sure to check out this article today! With a little planning and some strategic thinking skills you can be on your way to creating a technology plan that is a best fit for all levels of your organization.

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