Pixlr Online Photo Editor

Create next-level images with easy-to-use, online photo editors

The process of creating the perfect photograph goes beyond pressing the shutter button and capturing your image. Even while cameras and smartphones are taking great photos and becoming better every day, you will always be itching to tweak or edit that photo you like into one that you love. Your photos are another way to tell your story, enhance the mood and bring attention to a particular aspect all while sharing your unique view of the world.

Pixlr offers two variations of their web-based photo editors that provide free professional-grade edits that everyday users can enjoy with ease. The Pixlr apps provide simple steps and quick fixes for multiple image formats including PSD (Photoshop), JPEG, SVG, PNG (transparent backgrounds), WebP and more. Get started with available preset effects by resizing and cropping your images, working with layers by adding text or uploaded pictures, removing backgrounds and adjusting color, saturation and lighting. If you need help with content creation, browse through a collection of borders, icons, stickers, decorative texts and overlays that are ready for you to add with just one click. In addition to all things photo, the Pixlr apps can also help you design social media posts, marketing materials and elements for video. Create thumbnails, blog headers and graphics to use on the web.

You don’t have to worry about installing, downloading or launching anything. The applications run on your preferred browser and on any operating system. These powerful applications also work on your mobile device too, so edit whenever and wherever it works for you.

The Pixlr X is an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to make photos and images more creative with the following benefits:

  • No learning curve or complicated tools.
  • Resize, crop, or rotate and flip your photos with ease.
  • Includes a handy “auto-fix” option to adjust light, color, and tone to make your photos look great.
  • Preview and test out effects before committing to any changes. Make a mistake? Undo all your actions until your image is back to where you want it.
  • Cute it up with stickers, shapes, and lighthearted fonts — or just stick to business with photo-fixing tools if you prefer.
  • Cool photo effects and filters for portraits, food shots, nature-themed captures and many more.

The Pixlr E is a sophisticated image-editing tool for both pros and talented amateurs. Graphic designers and photo retouchers use this app, as do educators who want to teach their students the principles of graphic design. A few reasons to choose the Pixlr E:

  • Slightly more advanced than Pixlr X, especially if you’re looking for something with added features.
  • Provides tools like layers, lasso tool, brush controls, cloning, and filters.
  • The recently added Liquify tool distorts and warps your images.

These free solutions for small businesses, amateurs and freelance artists allow you to create photographic works of art and design with a professional touch. Access Pixlr online at https://pixlr.com/ and let the editing begin!


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