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These articles will help you diagnose/solve performance and technical issues, identify when your laptop might just be on its last leg and introduce a free download that takes the guesswork out of identifying your computer’s components.

10 Reasons Your Computer May Be Slowing Down

Eventually everyone’s machine begins to slow down and experience issues with loading applications or reacting to changes in today’s software demands. There are many ways to improve your computers performance and boost its overall speed but try these first, they might just do the trick. This article shares ten possible reasons your computer may not be running as fast as it used to and how you can go about fixing this issue. From taking out the trash, a dirty desktop, old software to too many programs, processes or fragments it’s got you covered. With a few minor adjustments you can be on your way to helping your computer run more efficiently while improving performance and creating a better user experience.

5 Signs it’s Time for a New Laptop

Is your laptop close to its expiration date or showing you possible signs that it might just be on its last leg? These five signs will help you identify when a new laptop might be on the horizon vs. when it’s time to grab your wallet. The article dives into all the details and assembles the indicators to help you recognize when your machine is ready to retire: your laptop can’t keep up, your device is outliving its lifespan and is no longer supported, outdated specs such as RAM, processors and motherboards, a toasty device = overheating and the inevitable battery losing its charge. Click below to help you find out if your laptop is beyond revival and that it might just be time for an upgrade.

Free Download Helps Fix Windows Performance Issues

If you’re working on your computer, troubleshooting or maybe considering an upgrade you might have found that you’re not quite sure about all of the important details of your machine. Rather than crawling around on the floor or even prying open the case, check out the free download that simply removes the guesswork and provides you a list of all the software, components and accessories that live on your machine. This article introduces Speccy, the go-to software that provides advanced system information at your fingertips. You’ll walk through the summary page, break down the specific areas on the Operating Systems tab and learn how to download and run the free Speccy version. Get ready to search at ease and discover all the components and general information that makes up your personal computer.

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