Online Meetings

We’re doing lots of meetings internally and externally. It’s great way to connect, but we’re also getting easily fatigued. We hope there’s an end to our exile soon, but our landscape may also be changed forever to include more virtual meetings. This may become a staple of business… so let’s make sure we’re doing everything we can to use the channel to it’s fullest. This webinar will go through enough tricks, tips and tactics to help you Zoom like a BOSS! The following is an outline of topics covered


Webinar Overview

Why is it important to have a good presence for online meetings?

  • Enhances Credibility
  • Extension of Your Brand
  • Maintain Productivity
  • Improve Relationships

If you remember nothing else from this webinar, remember this…

YOU are the star of your screen. Do everything in your power to make sure you look and sound good. Be a rock star. DOMINATE.

  • This means reduce the audio/video distractions.
  • Features yourself well in your sestup.
  • Prepare.

Game Plan

  • Aesthetic + Technical Components
  • Content of Meetings
  • Online Meeting Etiquette
  • (Do I need to mention proper attire and grooming?)

Aesthetic + Technical Components

Hardware + Software

  • Get the best camera and microphone you can afford.
  • Choose the most appropriate meeting platform.
  • Use the software to its fullest.
  • Make sure you are getting the most out of your software. (Show cool Zoom settings)
  • Practice what you’re going to do.

Setting + Background

  • Professional
  • Distraction-Free
  • Natural Background is Best
  • Virtual Background is OK
  • No Gimmick Backgrounds
  • NO VIDEO Backgrounds

Camera Position + Framing

  • Camera at Eye-Level
  • Fill the Frame with YOU
  • Look Into the Camera
  • Mimic Contemporary Headshots


  • Good audio is more important than video!
  • Try a headset.
  • Try your phone earbuds.
  • Try a USB microphone.
  • Ask your friends for suggestions.
  • Test your setup.


  • Overhead lights are not flattering.
  • No backlighting.
  • Watch for glare on glasses.
  • Sit across from bright window.
  • Place 2 table lamps on either side of your camera.

Running A Meeting


  • Keeping People Engaged
  • Meeting Fatigue + Exhaustion

Don’t Forget the Human Element

  • Use visual aids and vary the style. Don’t overload with text. [cough. cough.]
  • Find ways to connect with co-workers/attendees.
  • Be sensitive about the length of meeting.

Be Organized

  • Prepare Agenda
  • Be Clear About Goals
  • Stay On-Topic

Online Meeting Etiquette

  • Enable Your Video
  • Hands Off Your Keyboard
  • Mute Yourself
  • Speak Up
  • Stay Put + Stay Present
  • Not in the Car
  • Don’t Eat
  • Bonus Tip


Filament Protip

All of our service area leaders have dozens of years of experience. These are protips they’ve picked up along the way that you can use right now to solve common issues.